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you know who we are. we’re the ones who believe that pleasure is the only intrinsic good, we’re the ones you avoid eye contact with when you’re walking the streets at dark, we’re the ones who pull the strings behind everything in town, you just like to pretend that we don’t. we’re the powerful, thoughtful ones who hold the economy and the populace from falling into anarchy. new york is a place where the bad succeed and the good are trampled under the feet of progress. be smart, be quick or get out because there’s no way you’ll survive in this kind of climate if you aren’t clever about it. feuds, betrayal, forbidden love, illicit affairs, stronger than blood friendships, brotherhoods and sisterhoods and everything else in between. when we aren’t trotting in louboutins or buttoning crisp brooks brothers, we’re drinking grey goose martinis and attending anything that has a free bar and the chance of networking. and you thought los angeles was dangerous? welcome to the upper wild side.
established in march 2012, upper wild side is an advanced, no word count roleplay that focuses on seven powerful, prestigious dynasties all of whom inhabit the city of new york. when registering we ask you do so with your character's first and last name in all uppercase letters. please make sure to check the wanted ads and canon lists before making any final decisions as particular characters are always needed! with that said, we hope you enjoy your time with us, and most importantly - have fun!
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mackenzie j. decarlo
carlisi ally
' kenzie '
full name
mackenzie jeanette decarlo
twenty one
student/part time veterinary assistant
occupation location
NYU & local vet office
marital status
kate upton
Primadonna girl, yeah. All I ever wanted was the world.

Daddy's little girl. You had always had him wrapped around your little finger. Your mother fell for your tricks too but your siblings knew better. Just because you were the baby, that didn't give you the right to hog all of the attention. but you did it anyway. When Giselle came along, you thought your world was going to end. The tables had been turned and you were seeing exactly what you dished out. Your brothers thought it was funny because finally you got a tasted of your own medicine. You were the princess, you not Giselle. It was so ironic because she wasn't even your real sister. You were seven years old when they adopted her. She was three months younger than you and you hated her. You acted like a little angel towards her when your parents were around but when they left, the little hellion was unleashed.

You would have no one else to play with since your brothers were far too busy trying to get school work done and juggle raising you while your parents were gone so you'd drag Giselle into your room to play barbie. only you did really "play" per say. The little tan brunette girl would do nothing wrong but still you'd scream at the top of your lungs at her and throw your barbies at her face. Score! Every time you'd hit her, you'd cheer. She took it though, never complaining, always wanting to win over the love of her sister. But that wasn't going to happen. How dare the devil try and make peace with her. That just wouldn't do. The older you got the more of a change of heart you had.

You weren't really sure what happened to your mom by now but she retired, hanging up her wings, resigning her supermodel status. Your father was still working for the New York Times though but they seemed to be gone a lot more than usual. your parents had started working for a long time family friend of theirs, the Carlisi's. You weren't exactly sure what they were doing but you knew it wasn't any good. They told you they were running a club, which turned out to be a strip club, but you were too young to understand that. And that's when Aiden started to come around more. He was your best friend and finally you didn't have to surround yourself with that brat of an adopted sister you had.

I can't help that I need it all, the primadonna life, the rise and fall

You're a bitch, Kenz. You would laugh you're lovely little laugh, flip your hair and walk away. You were becoming a tyrant in school. The world was yours for the taking. Sure you had always been pretty but now, in your teenage years, your beauty far surpassed what everyone expected from you. They bullied you were younger so now it was your turn. Many times you got in trouble with the principle but they never believed you were being as mean as you were. Simply because you were Mackenzie the Angel. You couldn't do wrong, looks were deceiving and baby you had them all fooled. You kept your grades high since you were determined to succeed in life even though everyone wanted you to fail. They wanted to watch queen bitch get knocked off of her pedestal. When sophomore year rolled around your life took a turn. November twenty seventh your parents received a call about your older brother Jayson, he was in a car wreck and was killed by a drunk driver.

Suddenly your world seemed to slow down. You couldn't tell if this was real life or not. It hit you that he was actually gone when you were at the funeral, your oldest brother Carter and your sister Giselle seated next to you, both holding your hand and you all grieved your loss. Your father stood by himself as your mother was comforted by your dead brother's fiance. After the funeral you sat at home by yourself until finally Addie came and drug you out of the house. He had been there for you just like you'd always been there for him. And then you had a change of heart.

You say that I'm kinda difficult, but it's always someone else's fault

When you returned to school you were a different person. You started shutting people out, the ones you used to rule over didn't seem to matter. You managed to become closer to your sister and of course Aiden was your main squeeze. You would spend days and days with him partying, drinking, helping him pass his classes even just watching movies. You finally overcame this 'depression' phase you had and decided that you wanted to make your brother proud. He was a soccer star, and you could always recall when you were younger that you used to play with him. Every weekend it would be you, Giselle, Carter and Jayson out in the backyard of your overly large Victorian house in the ten acres the land spread across. You had goals set up in the yard and it always managed to be you and Jayson against the other two. You always had passion for the sport but never thought to actually take it up. It was Jayson's thing.

At sixteen years old, halfway through your sophomore year during soccer tryouts you made it onto the varsity team. This was how you got your first boyfriend. You had been running some drills with your friends and for whatever reason your intense need for competition got in the way of you and one of the girls. When you kicked the ball to try and score, you kicked to hard and lost control. The ball nailed one of the running football players that was running the track right in the face. You covered your mouth and went running over, apologizing and doing everything you could to help him. His name was Lance and he was in your biology class. You and Aiden always talked about how cute he was since you had a crush on him since your freshmen year but he never seemed to notice you. And now he did. Before he got up, he was about to yell at you when he realized who you were. Shortly after this occurrence you two started dating.

Got you wrapped around my finger, babe. You can count on me to misbehave

Even with having your very first boyfriend and what seemed to be your very first love, you always made time for Addie. He was your best friend, your partner in crime and not a single person in the world, besides the members of your family, mattered as much as he did. Lance didn't like you hanging around him but you didn't care. You frequently partied which sent Lance off of his rocker. He followed you one night to a party during your Junior year and started yelling at you, accusing you of trying to cheat. You dumped him right then and there. Everything that you seemed to love about him seemed to be non existent when this ugly side of him appeared. You had enough and that was the last time you had ever seen him. That night you slept with your best friend just so he cold see what sex with a girl was like. Though as awkward and uncomfortable as it was for you both, you didn't regret it. The boy was your world and you loved him to death.

Would you do anything for me? Buy a big diamond ring for me?

During your senior year, you were certain you were going to end up in jail. You were having a great night out with Addie, partying with a bunch of friends, getting drunk, skinny dipping the the pol at whose ever house you were at. The cops showed up out of no where and everyone split. You ended up getting caught and blowing a point thirteen. MIP, possible jail time, you were about to be in a whole lot of trouble. Luckily you, with your quick wits and womanly wiles you flashed the cop who let you off with a warning. Since then you slowed down your partying, even if it was only for a year. You graduated from high school with a three point two GPA and had been accepted into NYU along with Aiden. During the summer before going to your freshmen year, you heard about an online vocational school for veterinary assisting and took it while you completed your first year of college. During this time period you had an internship at a local vet clinic and worked there for a good seven months or so before you graduated form the program and was certified. Even though you were going to school to for pre-veterinary, this would get your foot in the door and show you hands on experience. A few months later you were hired to the very clinic that you externed at as a part time assistant while you were still in school.

Would you get down on your knees for me? Pop that pretty question right now, baby

You continue going to school, and that's where you are now. Onto your junior year and still going strong. You can't wait to be done, even though you'll have another four years after this to become a certified vet. Aiden is still your world and even thou you really don't get involved with the whole 'family disputes thing' you'll defend the Carlisi's until the end since they've always been there for you, especially Aiden. Your young and right now you just want to let loose and have fun, so that's exactly what your doing.

You were a problem child, been grounded your whole life so now you running wild. Playing with them good girls naw that ain't your style. You think your hot shit and I love it, I love it, I love it. Yeah, yeah. Stumbling but yeah, you're still looking hella fine. Keep doing what you're doing and I'ma make you mine.Well, you're a hot mess and I'm falling for you. And I'm like hot damn! let me make you my boo. Cause you can shake it shake it shake it, yeah you know what to do. You're a hot mess, I'm loving it-hell yes!




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we're running with the shadows of the night, so baby take my hand, you'll be alright, surrender all your dreams to me tonight, they'll come true in the end


aww yisssss, welcome to uws! we're super glad to have this beautiful character join us. don't forget to grab any important claims such as your characters face or occupation. just as important is the player directory which is where you make your stake as a fully fledged uws member. have fun!

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