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you know who we are. we’re the ones who believe that pleasure is the only intrinsic good, we’re the ones you avoid eye contact with when you’re walking the streets at dark, we’re the ones who pull the strings behind everything in town, you just like to pretend that we don’t. we’re the powerful, thoughtful ones who hold the economy and the populace from falling into anarchy. new york is a place where the bad succeed and the good are trampled under the feet of progress. be smart, be quick or get out because there’s no way you’ll survive in this kind of climate if you aren’t clever about it. feuds, betrayal, forbidden love, illicit affairs, stronger than blood friendships, brotherhoods and sisterhoods and everything else in between. when we aren’t trotting in louboutins or buttoning crisp brooks brothers, we’re drinking grey goose martinis and attending anything that has a free bar and the chance of networking. and you thought los angeles was dangerous? welcome to the upper wild side.
established in march 2012, upper wild side is an advanced, no word count roleplay that focuses on seven powerful, prestigious dynasties all of whom inhabit the city of new york. when registering we ask you do so with your character's first and last name in all uppercase letters. please make sure to check the wanted ads and canon lists before making any final decisions as particular characters are always needed! with that said, we hope you enjoy your time with us, and most importantly - have fun!
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 need a partner, sethany~
 Posted: Sep 9 2013, 10:40 PM

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it's three in the morning, and i'm trying to change your mind

he liked the roar in his ears, the way his ears watered against the wind, the power rumbling underneath him. and even though he always considered himself a solitary sort of man, without much in the way of friends or family, it wasn't exactly the same without a pair of arms tugging around his hips. that's why, after a particularly unfulfilling night ride, seth texted the girl that had most recently caught his eye. he just hadn't expected it to be such a struggle to get her to agree.

which, of course, had made her inevitable assent so much sweeter.

parking on the curb by her apartment, seth slid off the seat and rummaged in his luggage compartment. he'd brought her one of his more expensive leather jackets -- not that it was likely he'd paid for it -- and a helmet, like he'd promised. it was teal and for girls, because he wasn't a wuss, but it was a good investment. tucking them under his shoulder, he meandered up the steps to her building, buzzing in. he didn't get to places like this often, where everything was shiny, and he was never invited in. "yeah," he spoke into the speaker, "'m here to take you for a ride, bethy."
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