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you know who we are. we’re the ones who believe that pleasure is the only intrinsic good, we’re the ones you avoid eye contact with when you’re walking the streets at dark, we’re the ones who pull the strings behind everything in town, you just like to pretend that we don’t. we’re the powerful, thoughtful ones who hold the economy and the populace from falling into anarchy. new york is a place where the bad succeed and the good are trampled under the feet of progress. be smart, be quick or get out because there’s no way you’ll survive in this kind of climate if you aren’t clever about it. feuds, betrayal, forbidden love, illicit affairs, stronger than blood friendships, brotherhoods and sisterhoods and everything else in between. when we aren’t trotting in louboutins or buttoning crisp brooks brothers, we’re drinking grey goose martinis and attending anything that has a free bar and the chance of networking. and you thought los angeles was dangerous? welcome to the upper wild side.
established in march 2012, upper wild side is an advanced, no word count roleplay that focuses on seven powerful, prestigious dynasties all of whom inhabit the city of new york. when registering we ask you do so with your character's first and last name in all uppercase letters. please make sure to check the wanted ads and canon lists before making any final decisions as particular characters are always needed! with that said, we hope you enjoy your time with us, and most importantly - have fun!
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In New York Concrete jungle where dreams are made of There's nothing you can't do Now you're in New York These street will make you feel brand new Big lights will inspire you Hear it for New York!

the people of uws
the montgomery family : New York's very own royalty, these dark and wealthy magnates owning both Montgomery Industries in which they focus on real estate and their smaller sister company, Montgomery Productions, an event planning group.

montgomery allies : Allies of the afore mentioned Montgomerys, these people are loyal to the family and to the business and will do whatever they have to in order to protect both.

the morelli family : The famous New York Sicilian Mafia family that's been a little less powerful over the years. But now with the mayor's death, is rising back up in the ranks to take hold of what they feel is rightfully their's.

morelli allies : The allies of the Morelli's, they are individuals that would not turn up their noses at helping the mafia family out in whatever business needs to be conducted. Whether they are associates, soldiers or capos, they're bound to have some sort of criminal history or toe in the pond.

the carlisi family : The Carlisis are New York's answer to the mafia. Mad, bad and dangerous to know, if there's a crime committed you can bet your bottom dollar they were somehow involved. They work mostly in nightlife, owning a strip club and various other ventures alongside their other not so legal activities.

carlisi allies : These people are more than happy to assist the Carlisis and willing to do the dirty work needed to keep their empire ticking over. Whether it's silencing a witness or paying off a disgruntled ex employee, they do it all. But there's a thin line between being an ally of these people and an enemy, so watch your step.

the lincoln family : The Mayoral family, the perfect example of the ultimate nuclear unit. Seemingly floating above everyone else, they're involved in everything from politics to the law. And while they might seem like the vision of virtue, everyone has to step on someone to get to the top.

lincoln allies : If you're involved with the whiter than white Lincolns, don't expect not to have a hand in some dirty dealings. Just because they have a perfect public image, doesn't mean they aren't just as bad as the Carlisis beneath the surface.

the cromwell family : The forgotten power, a family that could easily come out on top if people remembered just how powerful they truly are. the other half of 'lincoln & cromwell', also very heavily into law, as well as healthcare, and as of recently - politics. they've made it their duty to rebuild their reputation.

cromwell allies : involvement with the Cromwell's typically means you're loyal, and you have a pretty decent moral compass, but you're not stranger to wrong decision making. not perfect, but keeping your flaws perfectly hidden for no one else to see.

the d'aquila family : The exotic flowers of New York, they might not have the same local heritage that other families do but that doesn't make them any less of a force. Working in hotels and hospitality industry, the D'Aquilas are closely linked with the Persicos due to their matriach being a former daughter of Persico herself.

daquila allies : Everyone needs their allies, and the D'Aquilas are no exception. They've made serious money in their business and need people they can trust implicitly so in their eyes, you're either with them or against them.

the kennedy family : The ones behind the scenes pulling the strings at their PR firm Covet, the Kennedys are the all American golden family. They've worked hard to get where they are and don't think their longevity is due to anything less than sheer determination and pure unadulterated ambition.

kennedy allies : The Kennedy allies range from employees to clients to anyone they know they can trust. The Kennedys have contacts in all spheres of New York society due to their public relations careers. They know everything before you've even had time to think and their allies help them maintain this network.

the persico family : While the Persicos might not be native New Yorkers, they bring their Colombian flavour to the US. They deal in property, developing it and selling it on for millions of dollars. Though they might be closely linked with the D'Aquilas, there's still some tension there between the two competing families.

persico allies : As with everyone else, the Persicos need allies to help them achieve their aims and protect themselves. They demand loyalty and except nothing less than complete devotion.

new york media : The ones who publicise the goings on with the families, their businesses and more importantly, their offspring, the press keep everyone in the know. Whether they're posting it online or taking photographs, it's all needed. Those who chose to be journalists need to be willing to actually submit stories to the blog, Gossip Illustrated either anonymously or in character.

the nypd : The police department are run ragged trying to keep up with all of the shenanigans going on in New York society. What with all the underhand goings on, the alliances between people and the daily burning of bridges, you have to work to keep yourself informed. Unless you're open to a little bribery of course...

civilians : And then there's those that choose not to involve themselves in the politics. They're a rare breed but there are still those that have no allegiances. Hard to believe, I know.

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